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Agrimor. A history of innovation and trust

AGRIMOR is a Spanish company which focuses on the manufacture, distribution and sale of plant nutrition and protection products. AGRIMOR was founded in 1.994, taking advantage of part of the human capital involved in the former line of agrochemical products of Shell Spain. It was the foundations of AGRIMOR for many years. When Shell ceased its activity in this area, many of its products were turned over to AGRIMOR, which stands out from the rest due to its extensive and growing catalogue. Ever since it was founded, AGRIMOR has specialized in phytosanitary products, agronutrients and deficiency correctors. Not long after being set up, the company began innovative work in Spain, developing an important catalogue of zero Residue products, while raising farmers’ awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly practices, and at the same time helping to open up a new market nationwide. In the year 2.000 the company was acquired by Ferquisa, the Spanish branch of the multinational Haifa Chemicals Ltd. The acquisition by this company, whose products are sold all over the world, helped strengthen AGRIMOR’s market position. Haifa, an Israeli company dedicated to agricultural products, stands out in the fertilizer industry thanks to its innovative technology.

AGRIMOR is highly regarded in the national market. Its main attributes include long years of experience, an on-going contact with the farmer and an understanding of their needs and necessities, and an outstanding catalogue of products. Agrimor’s quality performance has been acclaimed by the market and rewarded with the long-standing trust placed in the company by agricultural producers, keeping us at the cutting edge year after year. Our aim is to be a standard of excellence in agricultural nutrition (nutrigation®) and specialists in the techniques and products relevant to crop care. All of this has contributed to making Agrimor, since its introduction into the world of agriculture, synonymous with expertise in technological development.

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